quality menswear. Brothers wearing Stefano Cau ties

Back To Quality Menswear – Interview with Brothers Marfil

Ciao Brothers! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

We are André and David Marfil – A smooth blend of Danish and Filippino from Copenhagen, enjoying dressing well, fine dining and having a great time!
André works within recruitment, running on his third year now. I, David, work with diagnostics at a hospital north of Copenhagen. Both doing our own thing within totally different fields, but united in basically every other thing besides our jobs. Including the passion for quality menswear.

How would you describe your style? And who or what inspires you?

Classic but contemporary. We love quality menswear. We draw a lot of inspiration from modern brands and tailoring houses giving new life to an old craft. Scandinavian ready to wear brands create a beautiful interpretations of classic tailoring with a modern edge. In terms of style icons that inspires us, the neighbouring Swedes harbours plenty: Erik Mannby (click here to read also our interview with Erik on sustainable fashion), Andreas Weinås and Gabriel Cohen just to mention a few. Travelling south, to the menswear stronghold of Italy, Luca Rubinacci and Fabio Attanasio really pins excellent style. Last but not least, a couple of East Asian artisans from Ascottage and BN Tailor to mention a few with impeccably well dressed representatives.

How would you describe the Danish menswear scene?

In general, we consider the Danish menswear scene to be alot more casual and fashion oriented. Denmark has a lot of skilled designers and craftsmen, though being more focused around high fashion. However we’ve seen a growing interest towards dressing well in general, and classic.

What are for you the three essential items in any men’s wardrobe?

First of all, good shoes. Well crafted shoes, goodyear welted in quality leather can, when properly maintained, be a wardrobe companion for years.
Not particularly an item, perhaps more of a rule, but certainly a wardrobe essential: fit. An essential for every item within any closet, the proper size and fit. And as already mentioned quality menswear.
Lastly, the timepiece. A proper wristwatch is in our mind a must within any wardrobe. We ourselves have become quite excited about a Danish watchmaker – Ole Mathiesen. Proud, skillful watchmakers crafting classic and timeless elegance since 1919. Hopefully one day a Reverso, Nautilus or Royal Oak will claim it’s rightful place on our wrists.

You are very young but you often wear ties. Do you think that wearing a tie makes a person more self-confident?

Absolutely! That’s at least what it does for us.

For you what ties are in style in 2021?

We’ve grown quite fond of block stripes lately. That’ll definitely be a must in our summer wardrobe this summer, with a high probability of them being by Stefano Cau of course.

Are ties going out of style? Do you think ties will come back?

We’re actually witnessing the kind of opposite. In Copenhagen that is. The last couple of years, we’ve seen a growing interest towards dressing well. And classic for that matter. The daily scene of Copenhagen is not majoritively embossed with neckties, but we see more and more putting on neckties – luckily.

On what occasions you should wear a tie?

Every possible occasion, we would say. Jokes aside, we don’t think neckties necessarily should be limited to a specific setting or occasion. We don’t see the tie any different from any other piece of clothing in our wardrobes. With that being said, we do adjust accordingly to formality, setting, dresscode and so forth. But we wear ties as often as possible we would say, which is quiet a lot.

What was it about Stefano Cau that initially caught your attention? And which Stefano Cau product is your favourite?

The unique designs, the craftsmanship and of course the story. We haven’t yet come across any tie maker being able to match the unique designs witnessed in the collections of Stefano Cau ties and scarves. We’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with Stefano on a few occasions, and it’s sure to say that the ties are a physical manifestation of the people behind. The essence of Italian elegance.

Cover Photo by Jonsén P.

Interview Photos by Haugaard M.