Stefano Cau believe that sustainable fashion is the future. So his products are made to order or bespoke.

MADE TO ORDER – The future of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is the future. Being conscious of the changes it has been bringing to the fashion market is necessary to adopt significant devises respecting and giving our fundamental contribute to the planet.

The Made-To-Order (MTO) is one of the feasible sustainable processes that may help the Earth reducing waste production and stock excesses. This sustainable model implies longer waits for the final customer. Indeed, in the MTO, the production begins just once the order has been placed. Diametrically opposite to the fast fashion that accustomed us to shorter waiting times. We buy today and receive in maximum 48h. However, looking at the past, ordering and waiting for a bespoke tailoring was the norm.
Purchasing such a unique item, which is made just for you, is a special experience able to give you emotions. And to encourage you to look more carefully for products with superior quality garments that can last for years. First and foremost, the “Slow Fashion” requires an evolution in customer attitude and purchasing habits. And just so the Made-To-Order will have a relevant role guiding fashion toward a more sustainable model. Undeniably, in the hectic world of fashion, the transition to Slow Fashion is an essential step desperately needed by the planet.

Stefano Cau’s World of Sustainable Fashion

At Stefano Cau, we have believed for years in conscious shopping as a tool to promoting individuality, exclusivity and sustainability. That’s why most of our products are Made-To-Order or Bespoke and our clients can customise them accordingly to their style or body.
Our Bespoke Ties are created in each aspect by the customer. He can choose the fabric, the size, the making, and the embroidered monograms as final touch. The personal style of the customer is written in every single aspect of the ties. The three weeks of waiting are rewarded by the quality and beauty of the product.

Stefano Cau bespoke ties are create in each aspect by the customer and handmade in Italy. In this way we support sustainable fashion avoid stock and waste.
Stefano Cau bespoke tie in silk natural fabric, handmade in Italy. Akind of sustainable fashion.

Recently, we have introduced a capsule of Made To Order Knitwear, few but timeless models. In this case, customization allows choosing 100% natural yarn, color, and type of neck. From next season, in addition to expand the range of models. We will include recycled, sustainable yarns to create enduring garments.

Stefano Cau's made to order knitwear are made upon order with cashmere or cotton or recycled fibres.
Stefano Cau made to measure knitwear are made upon customer order. We use cashmere, cotton and natural fibres.

This system allows us to do not create stock and do not to waste fabric. Infact the silk for ties and the yarn for sweaters is ordered upon receiving the order in the needed quantities and then sewed. We are able to do that thanks to the support of our suppliers, expert craftsmen. Small family-run businesses with whom we have been cooperating for many years, and who share our business philosophy. The human relationship and serenity at work are a fundamental and indispensable factor for us.

Stefano Cau's products are handmade in Italy, Como by artisans with a lot of experience.


At Stefano Cau, we believe that bespoke products are on track to become a megatrend in the fashion industry, and this future is not too far away because of two factors:

  1. The first, as already mentioned, is the high degree of customisation. A made-to-measure garment makes the wearer feel unique and more confident, but not only that, the quality is clearly superior and the style timeless. Such emotions are increasingly important for Millennials. They are the first generation in a while reorienting itself towards Made-To-Wear as they can develop and express their personal style respecting the planet.
  2. The second factor is obviously the sustainability. M-T-O can make the fashion industry more sustainable. If garments are customised companies save on wasted materials, unsold stock, CO2 and water.

These are all good reasons to commit to changing, or rather evolving, our buying habits. The initial difficulty in adapting will be repaid by the excitement that only a Made-to-Order garment can give and by the awareness of doing the right choice for the planet.