Stefano Cau custom made wedding tie

Wedding Tie Trends That You Need To Follow This Year

We cannot hide from the fact that 2020 brought with it many challenges and it basically meant that weddings were put on hold. While many decided to go ahead with their wedding, there were many people who chose to hold back. And with that 2021 brings with it a renewed hope with the pandemic under control in many countries.
With this in mind, if you have a wedding this year, you might be looking at different trends for men’s wedding neckties. While understanding how to choose a wedding tie might come down to personal preference. Understanding what trends to look out for in 2021 will help you make a decision on what men’s wedding ties you opt for. So, read on, Stefano Cau will help you to give your wedding outfit that something special.

Wedding Ties With A Medallion Design

Medallion motifs have never really left the wedding fashion world. But the patterns we see in 2021 are likely to take inspiration from 50’s. If you’re looking to make a statement then you might want to opt for a blue hue or even keep things simple with a black background. Of course, you can then opt for whatever prints you want. Which can range from subtle medallion designs to something large and lavish! At Stefano Cau you can choose from our amazing double face printed ties or the newest printed grenadine.

Wedding Tie with A Paisley And A Cashmere Design

Paisley and All Over Cashmere design has been popular in weddings for many years. But there is a history behind the design. Infact it symbolises everything that people expect from marriage such as fertility, eternity and luck!
At Stefano Cau they are available in a range of hues such as blues and black while you can also find more eye-catching colours such as indigo and purple. A Paisley or a Cashmere tie is a great opportunity to tie your outfit in with anything that the bride might be wearing on the big day.

Wedding Ties With A Geometric Design

Perhaps you’re looking for something different and eccentric. You cannot go wrong with Stefano Cau geometric motif tie. While your first impression might want you to avoid this look, they can actually make for extremely subtle wedding ties. They can help you find something that’s noticeable yet understated. You don’t have to keep things classic either as you can find a range of patterns and colours too. So you can bring your wedding outfit to life if you wish.

Wedding Tie With Stripe Design

Some of the best wedding ties have been designed with stripes. So it is certainly a trend you don’t want to overlook. It can give your outfit a real splash of style and you’re definitely going to want to wear it as much as possible. You can choose from a range of designs such as the famous Stefano Cau Block Stripe or you can opt for a more classic striped reps tie that might match your socks and your pocket-handkerchief. The possibilities are almost endless!

Wedding Ties With A Grenadine Tie

Sometimes, having a patterned wedding tie simply isn’t what you are looking for. So a Stefano Cau grenadine tie in solid colour is perfect for you. However, solid colour wedding ties enable you to go subtle, go bright or go different because there are plenty of options out there. From subtle colours to bright options, there is plenty of choice on offer here.

So, with 2021 in full swing and the wedding season underway. Now is the time to look at the different trends to identify what kind of look you want to achieve.