Printed Bandanas

A double-sided silk Bandana gives you more styling possibilities. Perfect for warmer-season suiting.

Printed Grenadine

Exclusive at Stefano Cau.
The most luxury, textured and smart tie you have ever seen.


A classy and sophisticated Bandana with two different prints. Perfect for a light summer suit.

Silk Ties

Create an extraordinary business outfit with a Stefano Cau’s tie.


Customise your cashmere.
A new exclusive personalization service for men’s knitwear.


Stylish and indispensable accessories printed in the finest silk and wool

Bespoke Ties
Highlight products

We combine craftmanship and creativity
to create timeless and distinctive
products for everyday life.

Fashion sustainability issues. Interview with Eric Mannby, editor in chief of Plaza Uomo Magazine. We will talk about how the fashion industry is changing to be more sustainable.

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Sustainable fashion is the future. And being conscious of the changes it has been bringing to the fashion market is necessary to adopt significant devises respecting and giving our fundamental contribute to the planet.
At Stefano Cau, we have believed for years in conscious shopping as a tool to promoting individuality, exclusivity and sustainability. That’s why most of our products are Made-To-Order or Bespoke and our clients can customise them accordingly to their style or body.

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Stefano Cau World

Season after season, the products of the Stefano Cau’s collection are exclusive and unparalled. Two elements placed at the centre are design quality and attention to details; each piece is 100% made in Italy, crafted by people who are abundant in artisan experience.

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