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Stefano Cau World

Stefano Cau was born and raised in Como and since childhood has showed a strong creative streak.

His story begins in the 80s when Stefano was offered the chance to join the family business, which till today, still deals in accessories, namely ties and foulards.

As time went by his passion for this work grew and matured together with the time spent in the company. The best logic to be able to understand the whole process better, as well as the secrets and technical solutions, was that of starting from the production section and so it is in this way that his journey in printing begins, alongside printers, colourists and technicians.

After this year of training Stefano moved first to London, then to New York where he began a career linked to the commercial field of the company.
On returning to Italy, Stefano continued his professional development thanks to this rewarding experience and collaborated with leading companies in the industrial /textile sector.
This new managerial experience gave him the strength to train his strong commercial and creative vision and led him to be able to figure out which look or idea could be adapted to this or that season.

The Stefano Cau project originates in 2005, when Stefano decides to develop his own line, creating a product that represented him and that corresponded to what his taste is.

A source of great inspiration for him was and always will be the ’20s and the Deco period. It is its sophisticated geometry and complicated simplicity which he adores. Of no lesser influence are the slim cut of the clothes, the narrow ties which are rich in texture and the white and ecru toned shirts of the ’50s and’ 60s. This was a time when elegance was innate not only in the way they dressed, but above-all in the way of behaving. Stefano draws inspiration for the creation of his collections from these periods, the central idea being precision and attention to detail: from the fabrics, weave and texture to the quality of workmanship.

Over the past five years Stefano and his company have been taking a particularly logical path in constructing its clothing collections for men.

Beginning from ties and men accessories, they have gradually built up a complete idea of the total look.
Two elements placed at the centre are design quality and attention to details; each piece is 100% made in Italy, crafted by people who are abundant in artisan experience.

Season after season, the products of the Stefano Cau line must be exclusive and unparalled. The finely-tuned vintage look is a permanent feature, time after time adding that touch of style which makes it unique, distinct and eccentric in line with Stefano’s personality.

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